Entrepreneur, Danielle DeBoe Harper, reached out to us when she began studying to become a certified health and wellness coach. Her vision for her business was going to evolve, and she was looking for help relaunching her brand. We began by examining her existing name, Well Designed Life, and determined if it was a fit for the newly defined business model.


We explored a range of potential new names, believing the new name should sound as good as it looks—it should be quick, fun, filled with bottomless energy and ultra positive in nature. It should feel just like Danielle.


We landed on TipTop—a sort of quick, playful phrase that embodied the fit and fun health and wellness coach. We explored various type combinations, from muscular letterforms to delicate ones. We landed on a happy medium—a mark that felt bold, fit and most definitely fun.


Once name and logo were finalized, we built a guide with step by step instructions for color, typography and social. We included inspiration for photography style. It lives in digital format and as Danielle's brand evolves, so will the guide.


Food Photography


Brand Identity
Logo Design