Feng Shui Basics | Mindful Modern Interiors

Feng Shui Basics | Mindful Modern Interiors


Date: October 18, 2017
Class Time: 6–9pm
Location: Studio of Christine Wisnieski
Class Size: 13

Join us as we learn this ancient Chinese philosophy in the context of our modern world from Interiors and Feng Shui consultant, Danielle DeBoe Harper.

Students will learn some core practices of Form School Feng Shui from Danielle DeBoe Harper, a design-lover who has been a Feng Shui practitioner for 18 years. Danielle is trained by one of the foremost authorities of Western Form School Feng Shui and has married her love of Interior design to her passion for wellness and the result is a powerful and modern approach to this ancient Chinese philosophy. 

Students will learn how to see their environments differently and to use these powerful techniques toward creating a harmonious environment. Her approach is modern, fresh and easily adaptable that anyone can use to become more powerful in their lives.

Students will arrive with a simple hand-drawn or computer-generated floor plan of their home, which we'll use to create custom feng shui maps, one of the most powerful tools you can use to enhance your life as well as to inform your design choices such as paint color, furniture layout, and selection. 

Each student will leave with a full-color workbook brimming with modern tips, tricks and tools they can reference and apply on their own, once back at home. The workbook will include a variety of examples and inspiration for your quick reference as well as specific ways to enhance your: wealth and prosperity, love and marriage and career along with several other key areas of focus in one's life. 

Students will also leave with a beautiful and unique crystal and a better understanding of how these beautiful elements can be used to enhance their lives. 

Who this is for: design lovers, interior fanatics, wellness warriors and pretty much anyone looking to make a big change in their life from attracting a life partner to more financial stability.

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